Trade Show


SendContact utilizes Bluetooth technology to help you seamlessly connect and showcase your business to others nearby. Picture yourself at a trade show, where your virtual business card instantly pops up on the smartphones of potential buyers as they pass by. They can view videos highlighting your company, product promotions, catalogs, and contact details before initiating a conversation with you.

Used by the Atlanta Jewelry Show

The Atlanta Jewelry Show proudly introduces AJS Smart Connect powered by SendContact, designed to facilitate seamless connections between exhibitors and buyers, revolutionizing the trade show experience like never before. This innovative tool lets exhibitors and buyers easily connect.

Benefits for Show Organizers, Exhibitors, and Buyers


Benefits For Buyers:

1. Pre-Engagement Insights: Before choosing to engage with exhibitors, you can review their catalogs, videos, and promotions, enabling you to make informed decisions and save time at the show, which, in turn, allows you to visit more relevant exhibitors and view more products.
2. Effortless Contact Management: Say goodbye to collecting stacks of catalogs and business cards that you can’t remember or need to manually input into your contact list. With SendContact, you can effortlessly save numerous exhibitor contacts without the hassle of manual input.
3. Efficiency and Convenience: Eliminate the burden of lugging heavy catalogs and dealing with hundred of business cards at the show. SendContact offers a more effective way to follow up after the show, making your trade show experience more efficient, productive and enjoyable.

Benefits For Exhibitors::

1. Instant Visibility with SendContact Bluetooth Technology: Imagine you’re at a trade show, and your virtual card instantly appears on the phones of passing buyers. They can access videos about your company, product promotions, catalogs, and contact details before engaging with you. This ensures that only the most promising and serious customers will come to your booth.
2. Targeted Engagement: Exhibitors can view a list of buyers within 50 feet of their booth, gaining insights into their preferences and needs. Buyers can promptly accept your virtual card, decline it, or make a decision later. Additionally, you can create a product gallery for quick and convenient purchases.
3. Seamless Follow-Up: The SendContact technology offers a valuable tool for follow-up after the show. When a buyer uses the SendContact app to save your contact information, you will automatically receive theirs in your contact listing without having to ask for it. This ensures you will never miss any valuable leads at the show. Don’t lose track of potential contacts and make every contact count.
4. Digital Contents: Exhibitors can easily create digital catalogs, QR code link, NFC Smart Connect Counter displays, and a Show-Mini Website, enabling you to add products for sale within minutes.

Benefits For Organizers:

1. Smart Connect: Organizers can enhance the value of the show with SmartConnect, facilitating seamless connections between exhibitors and buyers, revolutionizing the trade show experience like never before. This innovative tool enables exhibitors and buyers to easily connect using SendContact QR Codes for scanning, NFC counter displays for tapping, and Bluetooth for nearby contact.
2. Efficient Registration: Exhibitors and buyers within 50 feet of the registration area will benefit from SendContact’s Bluetooth technology. It broadcasts a digital registration form and show guide to attendees. Attendees can complete and return the form electronically, eliminating the need to wait in line.

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