World´s First Business card Ring

Available finger size 5 to 13

Each Ring Comes With 3 NFC Business Cards


Revolutionize Your Business Card with SendContact

Imagine your business card being more than just a contact detail – it’s your catalog, music album, USB flash drive, payment terminal, and beyond. With SendContact, it’s not just a smart business card; it’s a multi functional tool. Upload images, music albums, videos, documents, and more. But that’s not all – you can also create a mini-website and showcase your products for sale in just a minute.

Take your networking to the next level with SendContact – where your business card becomes a dynamic representation of your brand.

Product Specification

Materia: Sterling Silver & Black Onyx.

Benefits Beyond NFC Card


1. Build a Robust Virtual Card:

With the SendContact card, you can enhance it by adding photos, music, catalogs, videos, and social media links. Furthermore, you have the ability to transform your SendContact card into a payment terminal, allowing others to tap the card and make instant payments to you.


2. Your Mini Shop in Your Card:

Utilize the SendContact application to swiftly create a mini-site showcasing products for sale. Others can tap your card, browse through products, and place orders at their convenience, transforming your card into a portable shopping experience.


3. Customize Each Card Instantly:

The SendContact application empowers you to write or add content to your card instantly, anytime and anywhere. In contrast, other NFC card companies only allow content editing within their applications, limiting your ability to write directly to the card.


4. Discover Others Nearby with Bluetooth:

Leverage SendContact's patented Bluetooth technology to discover nearby users. Imagine, at a networking event, opening your SendContact app to view virtual card information of everyone nearby, facilitating seamless connections and interactions.

Say Goodbye to Overpriced NFC Business Card Apps Below!

Don’t be misled by expensive business cards with limited tools and poor applications. Our patented technology brings exceptional value, featuring capabilities that enable you to write directly to the NFC card and customize content on the go—fast and easy, anywhere and anytime. SendContact offers affordability at $1.25, designed with your convenience in mind. It encourages a respectful approach, allowing you to give and use it just like a traditional card without breaking the bank. Others can tap to your NFC card at their convenience.

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